Top tip- Joico smoothing balm

Top tip- Joico smoothing balm

31st March 2016
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Use Joico Smoothing Balm to make blow drying frizzy, curly hair into glamorous, groomed tresses easy.

What is Joico Smoothing Balm?

This is a cream with an opalescent look about it. The balm is applied to towel dried hair from roots to ends. It immediately feels softer. It contains substances that react to the heat of the hairdryer so when a large bristled brush or paddle brush is used to smooth out the hair it is easier to do. The hair when finished is left smooth and shiney. The shine is created by the tiny gloss elements in the product.

How long will the effect of Joico Smoothing Balm last?

The balm will protect the hair style from atmospheric moisture, which can make it last up to the time it needs cleaning.

Mousse and gel will help keep your blow dry until  you next shampoo and blow dry your hair, but Joico smoothing balm will actually make the job easier as well!

Available in salon now @ £12.95