Top tip- Balayage - highlights without regrowth

Balayage natural looking highlights

Top tip- Balayage – highlights without regrowth

21st March 2016
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Balayage, highlights that make you look like you spend every summer on the beach.

So, if you haven’t heard of Balayage, here it is.

Balayage is a French term meaning to sweep. We hairdressers use this freehand technique to apply subtle, natural looking highlights.

How is Balayage done?

Many highlights of two to three shades lighter than your natural or base shade are run through your hair, picking out features of your style, such as flicking layers or face framing graduation. We don’t surround your highlights with foil, the lightener is blended softly, giving an incredibly natural result.

 The lighter pieces can be placed to eliminate the problem of regrowth. A delicate effect is used at your roots, radiating out to stronger colour at the ends. The effect of summers in the sun is mimicked.

What does Balayage look like?

Jeanette, here in these photos, had previously coloured hair, so a product to lift dark tint was necessary.

(Blazing lights is a lightening product that can lift pre-tinted hair. To lift reds, however, is notoriously difficult. A consultation for anyone with a red base colour will let us talk you through your specific needs).





what about damage?

The damaging effects of the lightener were counteracted by mixing in a protective hair rebuilding, strengthening treatment with the chemicals, this prevents breakage sometimes associated with lightening .

(Niaphlex is an additive which is really quite revolutionary and is one of the best things to come into hairdressing salons for years).


Is it easy?

This can be relatively quick and therefore very affordable, best suited to a colour contrast of up to three shades to achieve a subtle end result. The sun-kissed effect can be maintained by filling in the new growth, however, because the method does not create a hard line you could just let it be. Colour shy clients can try it with no long term commitment.

Talk to us about the achievable result, we will take you through it, every head of hair is unique so let your natural or base hair colour be our inspiration.