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Joico smoothing balm

Top tip- Joico smoothing balm

31st March 2016

Use Joico Smoothing Balm to make blow drying frizzy, curly hair into glamorous, groomed tresses easy.

What is Joico Smoothing Balm?

This is a cream with an opalescent look about it. The balm is applied to towel dried hair from […]

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Balayage natural looking highlights

Top tip- Balayage – highlights without regrowth

21st March 2016

Balayage, highlights that make you look like you spend every summer on the beach.
So, if you haven’t heard of Balayage, here it is.
Balayage is a French term meaning to sweep. We hairdressers use this freehand technique to apply subtle, natural looking […]

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